Godlike reincarnated in the dc universe fanfiction chapter 1 what the f#ck. A little boy with black hair and sparkling green eyes wakes up with no memories in a new and scary world. What happens when a nobody from our world gets transported to the DC Universe and join a group of young heroes to save the world. The Saiyan From Kypa by Angel of the Axis. Hello, and welcome to my first time taking on a challenge fic! I found this challenge on the profile page of DarkLord98, so any and all credit for the idea goes to him. The Gamer System welcomes him with open arms, and he shivers in the endless potential it holds. It was a green velvet ribbon. Anime & Comics ACTION ADVENTURE REINCARNATION R18 WEAKTOSTRONG VILLAIN ANTIHERO ONEPIECE. 529 -584] [11th major world - Dragon Ball - 595 - 663] [12th Final Arc - DC world - 663 - 704] _____ I do. Marvel Mutant in DC: Where an SI is reborn in an early DC Universe with the powers of Magneto Reply More posts you may like. The Name of the Game - A RWBY Fic. DC comics magical self-insert. Hyoudou Issei, a second-year high school student and the third member of Kuoh Academy's notorious Pereveted Trio. I'm looking for well-written SI-OC fanfiction where the SI creates the Justice League. The clan leader was your fiancé. the incredible journey of Ryan, who mysteriously finds himself transported to the world of Naruto. Jinchuuriki no Sharingan is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. ) Edit: Now I care about this story so flame me all you want. Part 1 of Blame the Plotbunnies. . He raised his hand and rubbed his head with a small hiss of pain. Looking for some nice DC and marvel fanfictions with self-insert Recs Wanted There should be no harem Mc should not be a pushover or beta-male He should not be OP from the start Archived post. . . Completed. Imperiex. What Happened - Son Goku Fanfiction by sweettime9. 4. Ichigo dies at the same time as Masaki, at only nine-years-old. . . After waking up in a strange courtyard, young John is thrust into a world of adventure, danger, and romance. Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. DC - Gamer By: jordanvn. Guys like The Guardians of Oa, Highfather, Mongul and Darkseid are gunning for Daichi, and he doesn't know why, doesn't want to know either. I'd want to become some ultimate specieswere id recover from being fully erased aswell as getting way stronger whenever I recovered from an injury with infinite of any. . " She cooed softly, "You're okay, you're safe. Aug 20, 2020. Harriet Potter, a young witch who had faced numerous trials and tribulations in her journey, stood in front of the ruins of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. . (Main character dies and reincarnated into the DC universe as Supergirl) When Life Gives You a Superior Biology. De-aging, time travel, and form changing. The two forms of power were coalescing in serenity. Big Brother Uchiha Itachi. "Naruto and the rest can take care of the villains, I'll enjoy myself as a simple craftsman. .
Chapter 1: A Hasty Last Resort. In this tale, he will have new unique adventure to call his own, And he will discover that the Harry Potter Universe is much greater than he had imagined. . . . Waking in the body of a child that had it's soul removed, he gave himself a personal mission as well, give young Harry Potter a friend. Peter crouches on the edge of a dusty ruin, watching Quill and Tony discuss (well, ‘discuss’) plans for taking on Thanos. at the same time, he experiences many things, learning new things about the world himself and people. Ajei will take the mantle and cause a new wave of heroes and a new generation shall create a future for both man and the universe. 3. Sho Fukamachi had a normal life, then he became the Gamer and received an ominous warning then something bound to him. He failed and because of that, everyone everywhere disappeared into dust. . . Chapter 1. wonderwoman; naruto; sharingan +15 more # 6. Yeah, so much for normal. I would like DXD Self insert fanfics recommendations no matter if the MC is reincarnated in Issei or if you have the GAMER System, anything goes as long as: - MC be a Man. Haven’t quite gotten to the kryptonians or Atlantians yet so far just the Amazons and a mention of Darkseid around an Xmas. In which a person reincarnated into a Villain and transported into a world she ever known,will she be able to change the people who tried to antagonize her even though she was only an innocent outsider to this universe. tensura. Fighting at the very end, she hold his cold body in her arms, expecting death. I would especially love it if John Constantine is a major character. Chapter 27. Unable to continue on, he eventually lost his strength as he dropped dead. 4. I didn't know why it caught my eye. . A lot of smut. - Be clearly an SI who knows about anime dxd. blankitdblankityboom • 1 yr.

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